Friday, February 27, 2009

Awsome Tip

A friend at church gave me this awsome tip for extending the use of your pre-preggie pants. You take an elastic hair band (something everyone already has) and loop it around the the top button and through the button hole like this:
And if you wear a long shirt or one of those belly bands no one will ever know ;)

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Catching Up

First of all - I am so sorry it has been so long...I'm really bad at keeping up with stuff like this. Today I am 14 weeks and 4 days along - Sunday will be 15 weeks. As you can tell, my belly really popped from 12 weeks to 14 weeks! I have been feeling sooooo much better lately. I have finally been able to stop taking Unisom at night (which made me feel blah all the time) and have only had occassional morning sickness that only lasts in the morning like it is supposed to! Now as one set of symptoms fades another set is taking hold...sore back, tired tummy muscles, headaches, and heartburn - all of which are better than the morning sickness. I think I may have felt the baby move a couple times...but it is impossible to tell yet. The baby's most recent developments (according to At 12 weeks the baby had improved reflexes, at 13 weeks his/her fingerprints were formed, and at 14 weeks the baby can make facial expressions and suck his/her thumb! Right now the baby is around 3 1/2 inches long and weighs 1 1/2 ounces (about the size of a lemon). To see what the baby looks like now go to (I couldn't get this pic to load for some reason).

This is me at 12 weeks...

This is me at 14 weeks + 1 or 2 days...
Who's belly is who's? I would just like to clarify for Mark's benefit that he is pushing his belly out to try to look like mine! (Again 14 weeks + 1 or 2 days)

Thanks for being patient with me - hopefully now that I am feeling better and there is actually a change to see in the pictures I will have the motivation to keep up the blog. Thanks for all your concern and prayers :)
A side note - Mark and I and everyone we've asked totally thinks the baby is a boy...what do you think?