Sunday, August 9, 2009

38 Weeks (Today!)

Well, we are soooooo ready...but I have no labor symptoms to report :( I feel good - I just get tired fast and my back hurts once in a while. I've been saying since the beginning that I wanted Timothy to be born during my 38th week...we'll see - for some reason I am terrified of going past my due date. Everything is ready, the nursery is finished and stocked, our bags are packed, we are pre-admitted to the hospital, and I've met with anestesia for the Epidural briefing....Mark is signed up for a "Daddy Class" on the 14th - but what's better than hands-on training?

We got a break in the weather - it was nice and cool all weekend - I didn't realize how much the heat was affecting me! I had 10 times more energy once it cooled down! But its supposed to get hot again tomorrow :-P

Steph moves out this week...what in the world are we going to do without her? Its going to feel really weird without her here - she has helped us sooooo much!

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  1. Yaay!! I'm excited to be back! and for Timmy to pop out!!! Love ya!